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Location: Pezzo Pizza Outlets
Project Type: Commercial
Model: Print Sticker/ Bannar / Vehicle Sticker

Location: Vehicle Stickers / Shopfront Stickers
Project Type:  Commercial
Model: Solvent Printing / Inkjet Printing

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Location: Boon Tong Kee @ Balestier
Project Type: Commercial
Model: Sandblast- #215 – Cut Sticker / Colored Sticker – Cut Sticker / Solvent & Inkjet Printing / Signages

Sandblast – Besides preventing of accidental knocking into the glass, glass markers in the form of the restaurant name also gives a feel of customisation. Frosting of the glass stair railing protects the modesty of customers using the stairs, preventing any awkward situation that might arise.

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Solvent & Inkjet Printing / Signages – Large bare walls are good spaces for advertising and by adding colors to the walls, it makes the place more lively. Newspaper reports and cuttings forms an interesting wall mural and let customers know of the reviews from notable sources. Glass panel with spacers installed onto the wall, with the restaurant logo printed on, can further expose the customers to the restaurant brand.

Colored Sticker / Signages – Words cut-out on black stickers with lighting behind can form a bright and attractive informative sign or as a nice counter decoration.