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Location: Ganges Center @ Havelock Road
Project Type: Commercial Project
Model: Reflective Solar Series- R8335

Location: Ridley Park
Project Type: Residencial
Model: Reflective 8880

Location: Lifts @ SAFRA Clubhouse (Mount Faber)
Project Type: Commercial Project
Model: Reflective Solar Series

Location: Raffles Boarding School @ Bishan
Project Type: Commercial Project/ Schools
Model: Reflective Series

Window-S is awarded the project to apply solar film onto 4 blocks of 4 storeys boarding school. All glass windows, doors, entrances were required to install solar film. The use of solar film has helped in the school’s application in green building award from relevant authorities.

Location: Swatow Restaurant @ Toa Payoh
Project Type: Commercial
Model: Reflective Solar Series 8570

Location: Mountbatten Suites @ Mountbatten
Project Type:  Commercial Project
Model: Reflective 8330 Solar Film

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Location: Office@ The Concourse, Beach Road
Project Type: Commercial
Model: Protect3 Solar Film- Reflective Series- #8580

The architecture of The Concourse is renowned worldwide, and installation on the unique structure proves to be challenging. Though the windows on this level of the building are slanted & downward facing, but the tenants still find the glare to be unbearable, especially more for those with desks near the windows. Using this reflective series film will reduce the light transmission by ~88% which we hope is sufficient for the staff whose desks are near the windows. Installation requires agility as the only support the installers can use of are the narrow beams and aluminum framing.

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Location: Bo Tien temple @ Jurong
Project Type: Commercial / Skylight
Model: Protect 3 Solar Film – Refelctive 8580

In the centre of the temple, there is a towering skylight that starts from the 2nd level till the 4th level and continues another 2 storey above the rooftop of the 4th level. Its structurally beautiful but its definitely a big challenge for us. Problem with skylight is the energy that enters are usually from noon Sun when its overhead. Its when the heat and light is at its strongest. hence recommendation for reflective series where heat rejection properties is extremely high. Also, the structure itself will pose as a difficulty in the installation. Wooden scaffolding has to be used as space is a constraint and the tapering nature of the structure. The size of each glass panels are wide and long, meaning having to handle large pieces of film on wooden scaffolding. With experienced and capable installers, the project is eventually completed. 

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