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Location: Schlumberger Office @ Benoi Crescent
Project Type: Commercial 
Model: Safety Series


Location: Square 2 @ Novena
Project Type: Commercial Project
Model: Safety Film – 4mil

Window-S is awarded the project to apply safety film onto all glass entrances of the shopping mall, Square 2.

Location: Standard Chartered Bank @ Dairy Farm Road
Project Type: Commercial
Model: Safety Film

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Location: On Board Ship
Project Type:  Commercial Project
Model: Safety Film 4 Mil

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Location: NTUC @ Punggol Drive
Project Type:  Commercial
Model: Saftey Film 4 Mil

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Location: Office @ CityCab Building
Project Type:  Commercial
Model: Safety Film S4c

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Location: JP Morgan @ Capital Tower, Robinsons
Project Type: Commercial Project (4 Levels)
Model: Protect3 Solar Film – Safety Film (7 Mil) / Sandblast – #215

The project’s requirement for the thickness of the safety films was 7mil, not the commonly used 4mil in Singapore. The 7 mil safety film increases glass safety in the event of accidental breakage, just as the 4mil safety film but it provides for increased and enhanced glass safety against bomb blasts. Special indention with our manufacturer in USA were made for this project.

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Extra care and effort were also required during the installation to ensure all liquid solution between the film and the glass are properly squeegeed out due to the extra thickness in the film. Trimming of the excess film around the glass panels were much difficult and it required the more senior applicators to complete the task. All external facing & internal glass windows and panels were installed with our film.

Sandblast film were installed on some glass partitions to provide the employees with privacy at work.

Location: RV Residences Showflat @ Kim Seng Road
Project Type: Showflat
Model: Protect 3 Solar Film – Safety Film (4mil)

This show flat is slightly more than 2 storey tall with full glass facade all around. Having safety film installed onto the glass panels is an added assurance for the safety of their customers. During a launch or weekends, its not uncommon for showflats to be bustling with people and children running amok. Any accidental glass breakage could cause quite serious injuries to a large group of people. The breakage if at the second storey is even more potentially dangerous as the shattered glass pieces could rain down on the crowd below.

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