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Window-S Management

Location: Residential@ Sennett Close
Project Type: Residential
Model: Reflective R8330 Series

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Location: Tolls AutoLogistics @ Tuas Ave 9
Project Type: Commercial- Warehouse/ Office
Model: Protect3 Solar Film Light Control Series

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Location: Chateau Lasalle @ LaSalle Street
Project Type: Residential – Cluster Bungalows
Model: Protect3 Solar Film Sputter Series

3 Storey+ 1 Basement cluster bungalow in the East side of Singapore with a full view of the pool right at its door steps. The architectural is made with long sliding doors & long windows nearly touching the floor. Its designs has in mind to offer the tenant as much of a view of the beautiful surroundings & pool as possible. Of course in exchange for this, unwanted heat & light is entering the house is compromised. Curtains & roller blinds will very much defeats the purpose of the extensive use of glass in this development, & conflict with the original living concept. Solar films in this case will be very much applicable & required. Sputter Series was chosen for its high heat rejection & moderate light rejection, its greyish tone very much complimented the aluminum framing.

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